CAIR IZ Portal Supplemental Info

The CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal will allow your Site to:
Note: Registration at the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal is intended for immunization data exchange partners in the CAIR regions managed by CDPH only – Northern Cal, Greater Sacramento, Bay Area, Central Valley, Central Coast, LA–Orange, and Inland Empire. For a map of the counties included in each CAIR region, click here. Providers in the following counties: Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Imperial, Mariposa, Merced, San Diego, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne cannot use the CDPH Gateway to sign up for immunization data exchange with CAIR. If you are a provider in one of the above counties, click here for more information.

1. Register for Electronic Data Exchange with CAIR

Any Site interested in submitting HL7-formatted immunization data to any of the 7 CAIR regional registries (read box at right) must register at the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal. If you have already registered at the IZ Portal, do not re-register. Note: Submission of at least one immunization test message in 2013 is a requirement for Sites that want to qualify for “meaningful use“ EHR Incentive Program payments.

Registration at the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal is also required of all Health Information Organizations (HIOs) or other data aggregators (here called “Sending Facilities”) that plan to send immunization information to CAIR on behalf of other Sites.

Before beginning online registration, please have the following information ready:

  1. Your Site ‘meaningful use’ status in 2014, e.g. MU Stage (e.g. Stage 1 or Stage 2) and if Stage 2 in 2014, your Site’s 90-day reporting period (You may need to consult with your EHR vendor).
  2. Your Site type (consult with your EHR vendor):
    1. Site will send data directly from EHR to the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal
    2. Site will submit data to the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal through an intermediary Sending Facility (e.g. HIO, vendor data warehouse, health plan data warehouse, etc.).
    3. Site will act as Sending Facility (e.g. HIO, vendor data warehouse, health plan data warehouse, etc.) and submit data to the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal for more than one Site.
  3. Your Site Information: Site Name, Site Street Address with Site Zip code (city and county will be automatically completed), Site phone, Site email, Organization NPI, Site Contact Name, Site Contact Phone, Site Contact Email, Site Clinical Specialty, Site Responsible Clinician, Site Responsible Clinician CA Medical License Number.
  4. Your Site Data Exchange Information:
    1. Site EHR Name and Vendor, EHR Certification Status, HL7 messaging capability.
    2. Site DE Contact Name, Phone, Email.

During registration, your Site will need to review and agree to the CAIR Organization/Site Access & Confidentiality Agreement. Registration will generate an email address verification request sent to the Site Contact, followed by a secure CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal registration confirmation email sent to both the Site Contact and the Site Data Exchange Contact containing the Site’s ID and other data exchange credentials (allowing sender to be properly identified and the message routed to the correct regional registry) as well as further instructions on how to proceed. Retain this CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal registration confirmation email as the credentials and follow-up steps will be required before the Site can submit HL7 messages to the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal.

These emails may be mistakenly sorted to your email account SPAM folder so please look for them there.

2. Test and Validate Immunization Messages

“Test” messages for any of the 7 CAIR regional registries must be submitted to the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal for testing and validation. Confirmation emails that return message status reports and provide diagnostic information if a message fails can be used to confirm test submission for “meaningful use”. “Production” messages will also need to be submitted to the 7 CAIR regions through the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal (see below).

3. Achieve ongoing immunization data submission to CAIR

For practices/facilities that submit successful test messages, the CDPH Gateway/IZ Portal will also assist your practice in achieving ongoing data submission. The “onboarding” process will involve further testing of messages containing real patient data. Once testing is completed, your Site/Facility will be moved to “production” data submission through the CDPH Gateway/IZPortal.